Sketches To An Inexistent God

Why "inexistent" and not non-existent?

Because God's death is an issue for us

It is an access to the pure zero

Not nothing, not everything, but any-thing


I have only intended to pick up

Fragments of god's death

Caught (why?) in colors and tones

Wave-refractions and vectors of light


What is to draw or sketch but to build out of the pure point

a figure whose eternity is nothing but the moment?

And yet somehow something is *traced*

What was already been given has been given for the first time


What is itself given is that God is not

But this "given-as-always" (for it has always been the case)

Shall be a task for now


Figure is  pure sense, intensity, and will

The dream and the imagination are now

Free for their limitless multiplicity


We are caught like the dove in its own form

We are a constellation without depth

A shadow and a specter that is pure life

The new physics shall be the art whose name is "invention"