Some Aphorisms on a Thought In-Art

Some Aphorisms on A Thought In-Art

  1. There can be no phenomenology of the lived, unless of course it would be a lived phenomenology. Phenomenology is the closest philosophy has come to a certain fusion with the lived. If art is to become life, so is philosophy. But it cannot have Life. There is no Life. We are dead inside.
  2. The passive synthesis of the sense-field (something like time) is the closest we can get to immanence, in "consciousness" that is. Its realization is art and music. In musical hypnosis, in incessant repetition, temporal melding, desire binds itself to the real, maybe also to consciousness. Thought is moved by art.  
  3. A thought that is in-art is a moving thought. It moves with sense. Sense-uality. 
  4. There is nothing left of Life. It has become demanded of us. The disciplined ascetic has shown himself as the true revolutionary of history.
  5. Art is a mystical state. Or it is meaningless. 
  6. The immanence of the lived, of the phenomenon, is not a plenum. It is a chasm. And this chasm is always the chasm of the Crisis. The chasm of the Crisis moves thought.
  7. Thought is thought when it is unthought.
  8. It, I, you move. But we are not seen...